Redfish Charters Georgia

Clients come from all over the country to go on a redfish charter in St Simons Island and Jekyll Island.  Redfish also known as spot tail bass or red drum can be found in the rivers along oyster beds, on the shallow mud flats in big schools or on the grass lines of the marshes waiting on rising tides to go into the marsh grass. They can also be found at creek mouths on the out going tides waiting on food to come out of the marsh.

How We Fish For Redfish

There are a variety of ways to fish for them. You can use live shrimp under a cork letting the current take your baits down the banks of the river. Not only do we use shrimp but they also like live mud minnows and mullet, they can be presented under a cork or on a bottom rig.

There’s a variety of artificial baits we use from Berkley Gulps to hard baits on top water. Whether your fishing for them inshore on the rivers, sight fishing for them on the flats or fishing for the bull redfish off of the beaches with cut bait they are always ready to put up a fight. We use all light tackle back in the rivers and sounds and we will use a little bit heavier tackle for the bull redfish off of the beaches.

Redfish can be caught here in Georgia year round they range in sizes 12-30+ inches. I try to discourage my clients form keeping these fish although if you would like to keep a couple of redfish then the slot limit on these fish ranges from 14-23 inches.

Contact me for more information on our redfish charters in St Simons Island, if you have any questions and I will be glad to give you the information you need on what type of redfish charter is best for you.

redfish charter in st simons islandredfish charter in st simons island

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