Tripletail fishing charters – St Simons Island

Tripletail Fishing Charters - St. Simons IslandTripletail Fishing Charters – St Simons Island is a great time of year.  Depending on the water temperatures tripletail start showing up around the end of April to the first of May. To a lot of anglers myself included this tripletail fishing is one of the most exciting types of fishing we have in the St Simons Island, Jekyll Island and the Golden Isles of Georgia.

Most run 2-12 pounds; but they can reach up to 30 pounds or more. When the tripletail show up we will start out by slowly riding around sight fishing for the tripletail which are laying on the surface of the water near shore of Jekyll Island and can also be found in the St Simons Island sound. When you first see the tripletail most of the time they will be laying on there side on the surface usually black or white in color. At first they will look like a piece of trash floating on the water, but the closer you get to them and the longer your out there you will start to see there outline on the water and you will get the hang of it pretty quick. We like to fish for them when the sun is at its highest point during the day and the glare on the water is not so bad, doing this type of fishing it really helps to have a good pair of polarized sunglasses.

Later on in the summer they will move more into the sound and rivers where they will hang out on structure like range markers and other navigational markers. When this happens we will fish for them on the slack tides and will position the boat around the markers where we will let a live shrimp under a cork drift into the marker. The tripletail can be anywhere from 5-15ft deep around the structure and a lot of the time they will be in the eddy in the current, that is behind the structure.People come from all over to catch these fish, they are pure muscle and put on a show and put up a fight like no other fish in its class.

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