Trout fishing charters

Speckled sea trout fishing charters St Simons Island and Jekyll Island, Georgia are a great way to fill up the cooler. To me its on my top favorite fish to eat and one of the most action packed inshore charters. Most of the trout range anywhere from 13-20 inches and the daily limit is 15 per person. Now I don’t recommend nor do I encourage keeping all of the fish you catch if you don’t have a need for them so we usually keep enough for a nice dinner and then we like practice catch and release on the others.

There are a couple different techniques we use. Most of my clients find it easier and more exciting to use live shrimp under a cork where we will let the current take the baits down bank, through rips that form off of points and across flats. When fishing these techniques there are usually oyster beds and other types of structures where the trout are waiting to ambush the bait as it floats by.

If your more experienced we also use artificial baits they we pitch and you can do various types of retrieves or bounce it along the bottom. There are tons of artificial baits that can be used from paddle tails to hard baits and a million different colors but we usually have a idea on what works best in certain areas. Certain times of the year in the early mornings and on overcast days we will fish for the trout on top water using hard baits that stay on the surface of the water.

Trout can be found in coastal Georgia all year long but the best time to fish for them is during the spring and the fall. They can  be caught in the cold months but it usually takes more patients and slower fishing.

trout fishing charterstrout fishing charters



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